Scrollsaw Workshop

I was recently searching around for new project ideas and came across a real treasure trove in the Scrollsaw Workshop…

In his catalog you’ll find >2000 designs you can download. :open_mouth:

After downloading one of his pdf files I was able to quickly import the vectors into InkScape to prep and send to the GF. I love how it turned out with PG Maple and Walnut.

There are many many more great designs. I gave him a nice donation in appreciation!


Thank you for the resource! Bookmarking.


Someone dun goofed: :smiley:

Great resource, bookmarking. Also, a time sink.


I’m subscribed to his YouTube channel.

Used another of his designs as party favors this evening. I like how his designs combine cuts and scores. For the chopper design, I wanted the scores on both sides, so I mirrored the design and cut / scored…


…then carefully flipped the choppers into each others hole, and ran the score again, with cuts set to ignore…

…they turned out perfect…


…I was even able to make a gift for my pool playing brother…



I can’t imagine doing that work with a scroll saw!

On the chopper project, did scoring from both sides result in any inadvertent cuts? Or did you adjust settings to avoid this?

Nope, none of the scores resulted in cuts. At least I didn’t notice any. I was using HD Score on PG Draftboard on default settings.

Those are some nice designs! (Like the Rack 'em) :grinning: