Scuba singing heard it was a thing!

Progress!!! Thought I’d share my latest creation!! Still trying to figure out my groove with my lazer!!Need better lighting!


Yikes!!! That’s awesome!!!

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It’s that kind of creativity that I just don’t have. Gorgeous!



Ha…we all have it…doodle away!!!

I’m really impressed with all of the music jargon you used… Have a background in music, so I get it…
Great job! Ton of work!!

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That’s incredible! :grinning:

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Thanks…it was entertaining I’ll say the least!

Thanks and thanks…wish the photo came out better…much more vibrant in real life

Wow, just incredible!

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I actually knew a guy that did that! And with one of the most beautiful boats ever. 40ft of polished teak in a spin-off of the old boats with the raised poopdeck and arched windows, and no motor. They made friends with a pod of wild dolphins with their music. and met again many times over the years. They knew for sure it was the same as one actually had a remora for a pet over those years, even if the distinct personalities were not also recognizable[This one is vaguely similar but nowhere near as pretty]

This photo of Compass Rose Brigantine Ship is courtesy of TripAdvisor).

The one I knew over several years was the pride of Coconut Grove, and I have never seen a more beautiful boat (murdered by ignorance on the rocks of Hispaniola with all hands lost) I cannot find any reference to her or the movies in Google, as so much from long before internet was lost.