Sculptor Made Laser Cut Knife Handle with Damascus Steel Blade

One of a kind knife by sculptor Bruce Gray has a ladder pattern Damascus steel blade, and laser cut Curly Maple and African Padauk wood handle. The overall length is 7 1/2". I plan on making a lot of this sort of thing when my Glowforge finally arrives.


Oh, something like this is on my short list.

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Damascus wood with Damascus Steel Blade perhaps? Probably would be too busy

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I know less than nothing about working with wood, but would really like to know how to do this with my GF. I hope to see some good tutorials appear online.

Any idea what the black outlining the Curly Maple and Padauk is?

Everyday I have an AHA moment when I see something I will be able to make with the GF.

This looks pretty similar to what I did over here:

It is a really powerful technique!

The black lines could well be epoxy, or some other resin used to hold everything together.
I really like it as a knife handle, and you could probably do the same with dissimilar materials as well as long as the glue you use is compatible with both of them.


I thought epoxy only dried clear? Is there a special Black epoxy?

What’s Damascus wood? I’ve never heard of it? Is it just wood with a Damascus steel pattern?

You can put any number of things in epoxy, aerospace epoxy especially. Change it’s color and property’s. There is powered dye that can be added that won’t significantly change its strength.




Thanks @jkopel. Bookmarked that one for later. I have a LOT of ideas about using this. I was dreading trying to buy and shape ebony just to get the black outlines. This makes it SO much easier.


I’ll just leave this here, about wood turning, but some really good stuff about using colorant in resins. He has a whole series of videos.

(Edit) It just occurred to me that you could use these methods to make tiles or pieces for games as well. Most particularly if you use one of the acrylic resins.