Sealing a leather patch

Hello, I have been making leather patches for hats for a few months. I have been finishing them with a water protector spray. That has worked ok for the hat patches. I recently made a pop socket cover and the “charred” design wore off somewhat. Anyone have a great product to seal leather with to prevent the dark char in the design from wearing off and looking faded? TIA


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If you utilize the search function for leather seal you will get some pretty good information. One suggestion is Leather Sheen.

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I did a search and saw a few comments but most looked like it was more of a leather protector/sealer more so than sealing the “char”. I will give the sheen a try. Thank you.

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Sealing char is harder on leather since it’s flexible. You might do better dropping some dye into your engraved areas.

If something like Super Shene isn’t working for you, and the leather is small and not expected to bend much you could try some of the acrylic sealers that folks recommend for wood - but you’d want to run a long-term experiment with those!

Ok, I have to ask. What is that?

They’re “handles” you attach to the back of your phone that pop out (hence “pop”) when you’re using them and flatten out when you’re not.


Oh, haha, I’ve seen those but never heard what they were called.


I make and engrave many leather items with the GF and I really like the charred effect. Resolene is the BESTproduct for sealing the edges and protecting the charred finish.

Throughly wet a sponge brush and wring out the water. Work the sponge brush on the leather back and forth to remove the bubbles. Apply 2 coats and after 24 hours buff the leather with a soft towel.

I purchase my Resolene from

I keep my Resolene in a small container. Resolene gums up so make sure and strain the product before you use it.


For this, I would go with Resolene. That’s what I tend to use for heavy duty stuff like horse tack and saddle bags. You could also go with Fiebing’s Leather Balm with Atom wax.


This stuff is awesome and really you just can’t go wrong with it.

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This started as veg tanned leather. I applied the Resolene after I stained and aged the leather.



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