Sealing metal leaf adhesive on proofgrade Draftboard

I’ve painted an acrylic coat onto some PF Draftboard, then applied Beacon’s Metal Leaf Adhesive. About an hour later, applied transfer gold leaf onto that.
My problem is I’m running out of time, and the adhesive is still tacky, even through the gold leaf.
I’ve looked at the web info for Beacon’s Metal Leaf sealer, but it looks like you have to wait for the adhesive to dry before using it, and I can’t tell how long that will be.

Any thoughts on alternative ways of getting this stuff dry ?
Would an acrylic sealer work, and dry the layer underneath it, or am I sealing in a permanent problem ?
Perhaps a hair dryer ?

I’d be grateful for anyone with experience of this stuff giving me advice, either here or via a pm.

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What I do when I’ve got some tackiness left from gluing is dust some cornstarch or baby powder on it. Just put some in the bottom of an old sock and rub it over the surface.

Forgot to mention: you should test this on a non critical piece first in case it changes the look.


Or gets sock fuzz stuck in it. :grin:

I’m actually suprised it’s still tacky. Most things I put on draftboard – paint, sealer, etc – all get absorbed quickly and dry very rapidly. Sometimes too fast… I suppose you could try a hairdryer.

EDIT: My bad - I see you painted a coat on before the adhesive. Not sure then, but maybe still try a hairdryer. On low. From a distance.

Good luck!

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The cat’s out of the bag.

SWMBO has guessed what I am doing, just on the basis of an outline drawing that has been on my workroom wall, amongst dozens of others, has vanished.

So, the gold layer is going to be taken off, the surface will be given a blood red acrylic coating, then rub-n-buff instead of gold leaf.
When all is done, she will have the prototype of a telescopic cockade fan I designed 20 years ago, but never realised till the GF allowed me to make the parts.
Photo to follow after it’s done.
Mery Christmas all, and now back to finishing the decorations !


Merry Christmas to you and Wendy! Let me know if you’re in town next week. I’m on vacation so the wife and I can meet you pretty much anywhere, anytime.

Wow–can’t wait to see pics of the finished fan. You’re planning on posting pics, right? Right?!


Wow, that sounds wonderful!

Yes please.

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