Seattle engraving

My niece is pretty impressive with a pen, thought we’d try a quick engrave for her.

Could have gone deeper and used better material, etc, but we had some old scrap laying around. Still pretty new to the process, so not yet ready to “risk” my precious Proofgrade. :slight_smile:


curious how you processed it into the glowforge? just a scanner or using the glowforge?

She has impressive talent! I suspect the two of you will team up to produce some pretty great things.

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Wow! I love her work! That kind of detailed pen work is so interesting.

Your first cut looks good! I agree with you that a deeper cut might highlight things better. dial it in! And please keep posting!

Flatbed scanner. Unfortunately I didn’t notice that the (heavy paper) page was slightly larger than the scanner bed, so the lid didn’t close all the way and the paper wasn’t pressed against the glass. You can see a slight variation in the bottom left corner of the engrave, the result of an almost invisible gradient in the scanned image.

I have a better scan of it now, might do the same job again on better material. Maybe engrave it into some clear acrylic, make a window-hanging piece.


Your niece’s work is really impressive. Very nice! Good choice in subject matter too.

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Holy cow! I’ll say she’s impressive! Fantastic job! :grinning:

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Oooooo, very nice! You might still be able to get some contrast out of it by staining the engraved background then spot sanding the unengraved portion. Or you could make a mask on your Glowforge for the unengraved bit, and spray the unmasked portion.


Definitely a Proofgrade worthy image, IMO. Throw some stain on another piece of scrap for a bit more contrast would be awesome option too. Keep experimenting though. It’s at least half the fun.


This could also do nicely by first painting the wood and then lasering.

Nice work!


What a cool Seattle skyline! Your niece has serious skill.

I love how the wood grain makes the moon so… Moonlike. Nice work, both of you.

Awesome thanks. I have some artistic relatives and they are curious about the best way to process their art

I find a proper scanner works best.

"Add to Cart" :wink:

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sure… $17K? why not? :nauseated_face::scream:

Damnit. No. Let me get an affiliate link real quick :wink: