Seattle Mini Maker Faire



Edit: He just described the action without elaborating, Could have been big block text for all we know.


If I really tried, I could probably make it to Seattle for the faire… But being completely last minute, I’d be amazed if I could find any hotel space to stay. I’d be willing to exchange volunteer booth duty for sleeping space in the Glowforge offices, though… Does that help? :grinning:


I actually did this for Kara Swisher with the re:code logo. It was pretty neat. But no video.


Bad Dan! No cookies!


Shockingly I will be there as well! Managed to make a work trip line up!


I’ll be attending on Saturday with a camera, notebook, and comfy shoes. The Glowforge demonstration is 1-1:30 pm in the JBL theater, which is on the ground floor level of the EMP museum, off to the right of the lobby if you’re facing the desk. It holds almost 200 people but I’ll get there early nonetheless. The Skychurch is upstairs and when crowded kind of echoes. Also, FYI, I personally can’t get a cell phone signal in the Skychurch so if you’re trying to text a friend or make a call you might have to go to another part of the museum.


Super excited to see you all there!


I know it doesn’t need to be said but all Videos, Pictures and Comments from the Faire that come back to the forum will receive a ton of :heart: 's. Have fun lucky people!