Seattle Mini Maker Faire

Who is going? I plan on being there Saturday.

Never been to something like this. Any suggestions on how to prepare? Only things really on my list right now is to bring a backpack for handouts and pamphlets and such and bring a camera. Can we pre-draw something for the Glowforge booth? I’m pretty sure somebody did for the last one Glowforge was at. How does that work?


Absolutely ensure you have a camera with tons of space.

Don’t bring too much, you want your hands free so you can build things (many locations will be interactive in some way or another, most of the builds are typically kid oriented though).

Wear something outlandish, preferably of your own build/design. Having random people stop you for a picture or conversation is half the fun.

Oh, and set yourself a budget in advance. You WILL be tempted. Lots.


Ill be headed up to Seattle in February, I was really trying to make it to this but plans didn’t work out. :frowning:


I’ll be up there Saturday! Most likely standing over a demo unit drooling and giggling. I hope the team brings lots of windex for the glass top! :heart_eyes:


set an alarm for an hour before the show ends, so you don’t get caught unawares and miss going back to that one booth from earlier. You know, the one with that thing.


I will be there at least Saturday, possible both days if I don’t see everything!

  1. Comfortable shoes(!)
  2. Fully-charged phone AND camera
  3. Extra (charged) camera battery

We’re still figuring out logistics for that weekend, but I really hope to make it.

Great idea about bringing a doodle! I’d also love to hear more about how that works or if we can do that. If so, what are the parameters? Can we choose (or even bring) the material to be cut?


Going with my wife and kids for sure!


Looks like I can make it. Travelling light, just the iphone rather than a camera.


I’ll be there! :slight_smile: Look for us in the Skychurch, the giant indoor area.

If you’d like to bring a drawing to engrave, use a regular (not fine-point) sharpie on a half-sheet of paper and we can figure something out for you.


I know people would love to see a recording of using cameras to pick up an image in one place on the bed, but move it to another location for cut/engrave.

If that is functional, would be an awesome opportunity.

I think what you’re looking for was in the video posted earlier. Dan takes the drawing of the happy face (honestly I keep wanting to call it a pumpkin - must be the fall season :slight_smile: ) and moves it from around the middle to the upper left of the bed and then resizes it. Then he takes it again and drops it into one of the eyes of the face.


Ooh, I missed that video. Nice.

EDIT: Not finding it while glancing through Dan’s latest posts. So it must have been a while ago? Happen to have a link, or remember the title of the thread it was in?

It’s at the end of the video.

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It starts at 25:50 and the part you’re looking for is about 2 minutes further in Dan’s demo.

Just about there now. Watched through the whole thing (I hate opening a thread and not consuming all content. Which has sadly kept me out of the “show off” thread, which has SO MANY AWESOME THINGS, but I am so damn far behind…


I thought Dan’s example a while back of using the lid camera to scan an image from a phone screen, replace the phone with material, drop the image on it resize and drag to place and engrave was inspiring!
She is going to wonder what the giggling in the shop is all about!

I missed that one. That means today’s video wasn’t anything new featurewise then except for making it a hand drawing vs an image off a phone screen.

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Was that an actual video, or just a though mentioned in pure text?

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