Seattle Skyline Etched on Reclaimed Wood Lath


I just received my Glowforge a few days ago and after doing some test prints on proofgrade materials, I’m venturing out on my own materials ( I was a bit concerned it would start a fire - so had my fire extinguisher and wet towel ready to throw on the wood if needed :slight_smile: )

I work with reclaimed wood lath in a lot of my projects, since it’s not a plywood with glues or treated wood, I figured it would be “safe” enough to give a go in the Glowforge. It’s 1/4" thick so I couldn’t cut through it… I was able to etch on it though.

Now I just need to learn how to make vector images, edit them and customize them to my liking vs being stuck with available vector images…


Looks great! The reclaimed lathes really give it a rustic look.


That is absolutely lovely! :grinning:


Super cool! You can really see interesting grain in the engraved areas.


It should be able to cut that. The trouble with lath is it’s often got other stuff absorbed into the would, like plaster, that might prevent it from being cuttable.


Really nice work.

I really like how the wood grain in the second and third laths from the bottom add to the overall flow of the image.


I think I’ll do 2-3 passes on the cut to see if I can get it to cut through… on 1 pass at full power it was about 1/3 of the way through the wood.


You probably have it covered, but just in case, speed is just as import as power. Go slow. But play with it to minimize char.


I bet there’s a fairly high concentration of plaster in it. The plaster goes on wet and that lath just soaks it up and then it dries over the course of a hundred years :slight_smile: Started out as roughsawn oak I bet and turned into rock over time :slight_smile:


thanks! I’ll try a few different settings… I just ran the lath through my planer as well to get some consistent thickness…


It worked! I did one past at full power and high speed then, a 2nd pass at full power and very low speed. Cut perfectly!


It’s fantastic. I really love it.
I love the texture you get with that old wood - the waves show the rough sawn origins.
Way to go.


I would be surprised if slowest speed and highest power didn’t cut that easily. I suppose the absorbed plaster might be a slight issue.
My only experience is with a pre-release unit, So I can’t really speak for the production units. It is possible this machine has a pro tube in it, I have just been impressed on what it can do. I cut right at 1/2" oak with this at slowest / highest power

Your work is great! marvelous use of that material. :sunglasses:


It worked - I was doing the highest power and fastest speed, so I slowed it down and it cut through it no problem :slight_smile:


Wow. That’s amazing. Where do you get that wood from?:grinning:


Lindsey, I’m SO HAPPY you got your Glowforge! And even happier to see what you did with it!