Seattle Skyline on Black Acrylic

Branching out to new materials and took the Seattle image I have used on on wood and applied it to black acrylic. I left the protective film on after I lasered and used a white crayon to rub it on the image, then pealed the film off revealing this. The white crayon really gives is a rustic painted look. The snow on the mountain is very cool (pun intended).

Rowdy Penguin Productions


Great effect with the crayon, as the variation in its coverage/thickness really adds an extra dimension to the design! (and a view I often get to appreciate en route to Seattle via the Bremerton ferry, though not with the artist license in skyline arrangement :wink:!).

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Very nice effect with the crayon … did you heat it at all to ‘melt’ the crayon? :glowforge::sunglasses:

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Great piece! The crayon is a nice effect. Do you have to seal it?

Looks pretty cool.

Always finding different and original works here.

No, just used the crayon as is.

Still deciding if it needs sealing. I plan on framing it