SebyTechAcrylic 1/8 iridescent acrylic

Hello, New to the community and super excited to use all the cool-colored material that Glowforge does not offer. (Glow Forge Please please please get some Iridescent acrylics, thank you) I am not sure what settings to use to avoid melting.

Does anyone here have experience with SebyTechAcrylic 1/8 iridescent acrylics? I would like to engrave and cut, please help.

Damsel is in distress here, lol.
Thank you

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Hey welcome. Always nice to see new users here.

My recommendation is to test:

Check out #6:

Then for more info I’d try searching for other discussions on the topic:

I’m sure there are lots of tips in there.


Second this: Definitely learn to test.

You can “click into” the Proofgrade settings so that you can start to get familiar with what Glowforge uses as units and give you a starting point.

For your 1/8” acrylic, I would look at the medium acrylic settings and start there. If it cuts through well, speed it up a touch - 5 units or so. If it doesn’t cut through well, slow it down 5 units or so.

Avoid big projects that use a lot of material until you know the settings for the material. Testing is key. Testing literally pennies worth of material will save a lot of money and frustration.