Second pass is misaligned AND the cut missed the right edge

The photos…

Feeling around, it’s not obvious which magnet may not be seated properly.

Two more… want to give you as many angles as I can. If I had to say, I’d guess it’s the magnet circled that’s off.

I don’t know if this might be the problem, but I’ve had squiggles/accuracy problems before. I noticed that after the faster-speed update came out, the head would move much faster between cuts, especially when the cutting/scoring speed is higher (like 500).
For example, I had something where I cut out a whole bunch of little circles, and when the head had to move a significant distance, it would move very fast with harsh and sudden movements, so much so that it would jostle/jiggle the entire machine. And since I have my glowforge on a stand with wheels, the material sitting on the tray would actually slide or move just a tiny bit, which meant that some circles were not perfectly round.
Is your glowforge sitting directly on the ground, or is it up on some table or anything?
Does the head move rather quickly between each score?
Does the material being scored seem to jostle at all if so?

I’ve been meaning to bring this up as an issue, but for the meanwhile, I’ve just resorted to slower cutting speeds to avoid the problem.

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Thank you so much for providing such great photos! Based on the images, the magnet does appear to be misaligned, which is causing it to experience difficulty staying secured on your Carriage Plate, which is causing the Wobble in your prints.

Sadly, I recommend we have your unit replaced as soon as possible, as we do not have the Printer Heads available for repair remotely, due to specific calibrations that can only be performed by our technicians.

I’ll close this thread for now, and reach out directly via email for the next best steps.