Secret Santa gifts for a teen

My daughter’s girl scout troop has a Christmas party every year with Secret Santa gift exchange. Last year I made some anime earrings and bag tags for one of her friends on the GF. This year the friend she drew is a huge K-pop fan, along with anime and Last Air Bender, and fluffy…well, that was the list.

I worked a trade with my daughter…I gave her the recipes for dinner, I made the gifts. So, two BTS masks (no Glowforge), and several “mask charms,” and an Appa bookmark/ornament. The troop leader will be doing a no-contact pick-up tomorrow, and the girls will have a virtual Christmas party this year, opening gifts and trying to guess who they are from…told my daughter that they won’t have to guess long, the moment they see what’s wrapped up in there.

In case any one was wondering…dinner tonight was…salty…


What a wonderful gift! Glad to hear the Girl Scout Troop is being community minded with a Virtual party this year. It looks like it will be no less fun. A little salty? There are worse things!


Those charms are amazing! I’m trying to figure out the process—did you make decals?


Very cute! The recipient is going to love them!


Decals? Hhmm, the process was, my daughter sent me a bunch of images via email and asked me to make something out of them. :rofl::rofl: Step 1 is not eating your child after she makes a request by email instead of in person when she’s sitting 2 feet from you.

I isolated the characters from the images, removing the backgrounds. I was going to make them all the exact shape of the character, but I wanted to avoid putting a hole in everyone’s head, so some I changed the shape.

Anyways, printed the reversed images through silhouette software using sublimation ink while cutting white acrylic with the forge. Then I used my Curio to cut out the images, because they are tiny. Used heat tape to put the pictures onto the acrylic and put it in the heat press.

I actually put the images on both sides of the charms, since I messed up and printed a reverse of the reverse the first time :rofl::rofl: I mirrored it in the software, but printer’s default was to automatically mirror also.

My daughter likes them so much that I may have to do this again for her. Actually, the BTS masks are sublimated also, that one she could not wait, asked me for one the moment I finished sewing the two for her friend.


Oooo, now you are making me want sublimation. #MustResist.


These are so cool!!! I got my sub printer and oven, but I have yet to set it up because my back has been really acting up. Now you’ve inspired me and I might pop a few pain pills and try to get it done. :smile: Did you apply poly to the acrylic before you sub’ed it?

No, I don’t apply anything to acrylic. It’s completely sublimatable on its own. Smaller pieces are easier, just warning you. Because the bigger pieces get floppy from the heat press, so I have to have something rigid right there to help maintain it’s shape. But for these little pieces, no issues.

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:squeeee: :squeeee: :squeeee:
That’s so awesome. :heart:

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Also … no shopping! Nice work!


Looks great

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Appa is a big marshmallow.

I love him. But I’m really surprised kids are still watching this show. I bought the dvds like 15 years ago and that’s how old these girls are.

avatar: the last air bender was a fantastic show.

Not gonna lie, I couldn’t finish the series after that, Korra…I didn’t like the main character, too hot tempered and the series was more dark than the original, so I wasn’t a fan. Some day I’ll go back and watch it, but it’s not on my must-see list.