My old forge had an issue, just got my new one, this came with it. Secreeetttssss.


Wow, I bet they’d like their jig back.


Expect the Glowforge FNL in Black Hawks any time now.


I want me some jigs! :smile:


Here’s one


Without it they might have to shut down the production line. :grin:


Oh shite! They might! :smile:
Get those things back to them please…I still do not have my machine yet!


Can’t be the only one or they’d have noticed it was missing in the week it took to traverse the country :slightly_smiling_face:


Fred at Flex: “Honest, I put that jig back in it’s spot after the test procedure. Must have been that ninja FSL hired to sabotage production. Something’s missing every day. Either that or the Elf on the Shelf is starting early this year with his shenanigans.”


Did all the packaging and transit stuff still fit with that in place?


To me this photo looks like it was taken with the lid camera. So I’m thinking its showing up in the setup of the machine as the last photo taken. @newbies_234, you are such a tease!


If those scales are inches I don’t think this is from the head camera. It would be a much smaller / closer macro shot.

It looks like a metal plate suspended in a plastic cradle that presumably hangs onto the frame somewhere.


Yeah, I mis-typed–I meant the lid camera (corrected above).


It looks like manufacturing uses up a fair amount of draftboard. There must be a pretty good pile of off cuts for random experimentation by now…


I remember one other post where someone had a latent image of a manufacturing/calibration step in the web UI the first time they opened it. Hopefully @newbies_234 will come back soon to tell us whether that’s the case or if they got the actual physical object (which would be more exciting than a prerelease iPhone left at a bar).

I’m going to be very vague about this because reasons, but a company I have worked for used some expensive robotics equipment from a third-party vendor, and that equipment was regularly requiring service, for which we often had to wait interminable amounts of time. We were eventually told that the holdup was due to needing a particular alignment tool, of which there’s only one in the country. To my untrained eye, it was a piece of metal with a wheel on it, but I’m sure it was made from rare earth unicorn meat.


More likely it was made of unobtanium. Can’t believe how hard that stuff is to get.


Tastes like chicken!


So apparently it’s a pretty critical tool and has all but stopped production. I’ve asked for a million in cash otherwise I fear someone may break in and steal it #tragic #getpaid #oopsy

It’s just the left over web interface image that I thought was interesting, I don’t have the actual jig-a-ma-thing


Well played.


Much more fun to think of the masses assembling outside your kitchen, pitchforks in hand. :smile: