Self Adhesive Wood Veneers



Saw these at Target. Thought they would be fun to laser. Any ideas if the glue is safe?


It should be. Do a burn test to be sure! Looks like fun, off to target…


looks like I’m going to Target.


Out of likes for a while…My guess is they probably don’t have enough adhesive to worry about. All Proof-Grade materials will have masking paper with a bit of adhesive. I will look into these since I will likely be using veneers as well. Thanks for posting these @bwente. :+1: - Rich


The 3M MSDS on pressure sensitive adhesive is that is acrylic (100%). The decomposition products are:
Carbon monoxide
Carbon dioxide

There is no flash point or other hazards. I would guess most PSAs are the same…pretty inocuous, but vent the stuff out the window or through your filter. - Rich

Edit: This is the same stuff that comes out the tail pipes of most cars. You’ll get more of these same chemicals coming off off the lasered wood than you will from the adhesive.


FUN!! Definitely want to try these!


:smiley: So, so, so good.


I just saw those this past weekend! I also saw many laser cut wood crafts in the same area.

I almost picked up a pack of the veneer, but all were pealing away from their backing which gave me pause.


I took a look and passed. At my Target every package looked old and brittle.


Good reason to pass them up, especially if you are veneering curves. - Rich


Welcome to the “regular” club!


:grinning: - Rich


I would generally avoid target for art- and craft-supplies, unless you are in a pinch or are snatching up clearance items.
For something with an adhesive backing, you want fresh stock. The adhesives deteriorate over time. You are more likely to have fresh and rotated stock at an art supplier than at a bigbox/grocery/department store.


Good to know forgers! Thanks for checking it out. Probably will order from Amazon anyway. Unless proofgrade will ship with GlowPrime™.

Here is what ponoko doing with veneers.


You can avoid lasering the mystery adhesive by adding the adhesive after with a Xyron. I use one extensively with my Silhouette Cameo. It’ll take anything flat.


whoa, that’s cool. at first i was like oh geez another expensive machine, but it seems pretty reasonable, and cleaner than a spray.


For both your workbench and your lungs :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

There’s also a choice of permanent or repositionable adhesive.


That looks interesting. I like the laminate + magnet option.