Self Inking Stampers

Does anyone have a vendor for purchasing these type of stampers that are blank? Looking to purchase in bulk to make “Inspected By” stamps for verification process at the plant? So far everything I am finding is custom. Thanks!

Hmm. I couldn’t find one either.

What about asking the vendor if you can receive a blank one that’s not fully assembled?

I’d ask them what the stamp surface is made of for safety purposes.

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The only self-inking stamp production system I have seen for sale is from Modico, but it uses their exposure unit, not engraving, to make the stamp part. The sample stamp I got (4 years ago?) hasn’t had much use, but I just tried it again and it looks perfect. Much nicer unit than the ones I’ve gotten through vistaprint, the Modico3 I have feels very high-quality with its slightly soft-touch/rubberized plastic case.
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You might also try They have several different types and sizes of self inkers you can make the stamps for.

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I ended up contacting a stamp making company out of CA and they shared their supplier with me, I contacted them direct and have a quote for purchasing 100 units. Thanks for the input!

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