Selling a Plus (2019) in the Bothell Wa area

Unfortunately I have to sell my Glowforge Plus. It was purchased Aug. 2019. It has at the most 20 hours of use time. I was not able to take full advantage of it as I live in an apartment.

It looks new still. It has been setting under a thermal blanket in the back of our garage.

We are relocating from Wa to FL and I am afraid of having it moved.

I was hoping of getting $2500 for it. I also have some proofgrade and other materials I can throw in too.

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do you have the boxes still? the bright orange bits??
i have shipped glowforges around the country with ZERO ISSUES!!
you should not be afraid of moving it!!!


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I do still have everything it came with. My worry is I have to put stuff in storage for a few months.
Maybe I will look into having it shipped.

it will cost you around $300 to ship, but will be happier in a warmer location!
if you sell it and then buy another one, it will cost you a LOT more then $300



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Ok I think I am going to just ship it after all.

@Deleted do you have any recommendations for shipping, or should I just use the movers that are moving us?

are the movers bonded? can handle / insured for expensive electronics?
use them, get added insurance on it. pack it well, lasers are sensitive!

if not UPS does a great job - as I said 3 day runs you $300 - as long as there is someone on the other end to receive it


Great! Thanks for all your help.


Good advice from @Deleted ; you will be so much happier to have your laser friend at your new destination. So you have to wait a while…in the end it will be well worth it. I hope your move occurs without any mishap.


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