Selling Designs in the Design Catalog?

Happy Holidays Forgers!
IIRC way back during the kickstarter days, Glowforge said something to the effect that we’d be able to upload and sell designs in the design catalog.
That was many moons ago though.

Allowing the community to be able to upload designs and sells them seems like a great way to scale up catalog offerings, provide a potential revenue stream for Glowforge owners, and allow Glowforge to take a cut. Everybody wins!

Am I dreaming?
Or is it a goal Glowforge is working towards?
Any insight is helpful.


There have been rumors of a hopper in that rabbit hole but we will not learn for sure till they announce it. If you are posting pictures folks will have an idea what you are doing.

I think that right now Glowforge buys a few designs and makes them available in the catalog. I do not remember that they ever said that they would be a marketplace like Etsy where we could sell our files. Also, you will remember this was never a Kickstarter, it was a presale. There are so many incredible designers that own a Glowforge that being able to buy from them in one place would be great for the consumer, but probably not for Glowforge for logistics purposes.

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Dan has said it will be an option for Premium subscribers.
September 2020 Update: More free features + Glowforge Premium! (And it keeps getting better…)


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