Selling GF Pro - Williamsburg, VA

Hello Everyone -

Sadly, I have decided to try and sell my GF Pro. Not because I don’t like it…I just have other ventures on my mind and it’s just sitting in my garage.

I loved learning how to use it and am amazed at the projects I was able to complete with it. In the end, it was a bad time to try and start a small business…with Covid and all…

In any case, I’m sure that you are aware of the mishap I had with my GF shortly after I first got it. If not, please see the post here in the forums in regards to the topic.

So here goes…my GF has less than 1000 hrs. of use time (I think it’s closer to 750 hrs.). I have kept it well maintained (especially after the vinyl incident) and it is 100% in good, working order. As a matter of fact, I used it today to engrave a photo for my neighbor.

Taking into consideration the vinyl incident - I’m asking $2500 FIRM for my GF PRO. I can deliver within 3 hour drive from Williamsburg, Va…or…we can negotiate shipping.

I still have the original box, with original Styrofoam and locking bolts for transport.

Not sure if anyone out there would want this or be interested in it.

I’ll check back daily to see if anyone is interested.


You have a honor code that will benefit you greatly throughout life. Thank you for your honesty about the hours and previous problem with your Glowforge.

I thoroughly read your post several times and I think you should keep your Pro. I have a feeling you are extremely talented and gifted and your GF could be a successful business for you.

If you need technical or creative advice the forums are a GREAT place for support and inspiration.

Before you sell your Pro —— take some time this weekend and visit these websites and YouTube channels. There is a GREAT possibility you will be inspired and can have a successful Glowforge business.



Glowforge SETTINGS - Google Drive

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A. Making boxes with the Glowforge

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F. Different blogs and websites

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Make CNC DIY Projects & Products |

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Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers |

G. Converting websites Farwest makes it easy to convert inches to decimals.


Zamzar - video converter, audio converter, image converter, eBook converter

DXF to SVG (Online & Free) — Convertio

H. Supplies

Ocooch Hardwoods - Thin Wood for Scroll Sawing, Laser Engraving/Cutting, Woodturning, Intarsia and More

Glowforge SETTINGS - Google Sheets

I. Learn to design

Glowforge Training Center - Raster Design - Google Sheets

Glowforge Customers Training Center - 2D Vector Design - Google Drive

J. Online Classes

Online Classes by Skillshare | Start for Free Today

Online Courses - Learn Anything, On Your Schedule | Udemy

K. YouTube Channels

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Panthera Press

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L. YouTube Channels to learn Inkscape

TJ Free

Logos by Nick

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I live in that area! Let me ask around and see if any of my friends are interested :slight_smile:

But also, if you want to try and make a business out of it and want some local help, I would be happy to assist. I got my GF pro as a pandemic hobby and it turned out to be really successful and has paid for itself twice. It still generates a lot of profit but I donate that out now.


Hey, I actually came to the forum to get some help with my glowforge but I may be interested in purchasing yours. Im waiting on support to respond to my request. My glowforge just stopped working out of nowhere. It moves as if its cutting or engraving but does nothing. I tried all the troubleshooting tips without success and its no longer under warranty so Im not sure what my options are. I live in Rocky Mount, NC which is about 2.5/3 hours from you…


Hello! So if you are still interested in selling the glowforge then I will buy it. I am not far from Williamsburg and I go there often as well. I am familiar with your vinyl encounter. I have a strong background with electronics and would be prepared to fix any possible future issue but I think you also did a great job on repairing it your self.

No pressure though if you change your mind :slight_smile: I would just be getting it for a STEM group to use.



Thank you for your support and suggestions. It is encouraging to see others in the community offer so much advice and help.

However, after much consideration and thought (believe me, this has been in my mind for months)…I would still like to sell my GF.

There is so much joy, creativity and fulfillment that comes from making and designing things with the GF. I love it…but it’s more of a “personal creative outlet” than it is a business opportunity…at least for me. I’m sure there hundreds of you out there with GF success stories…unfortunately, it wasn’t in the cards for me…and no amount of wishing it were different is going to change that.

TBH, my GF Pro was bought on a whim. I was made aware of GF by my spouse and within 2 weeks…I purchased the best one I could get (almost drained my savings and I took out a personal loan to get it)…I think it was the idea of being able to pull a thought from my head, draft it into the design space and cut it into reality that got me. For the first time in my life, I was finally able to use a machine to create the images only my mind could see.

It was exhilarating and freeing to finally be able to show everyone what I see in my mind. In the end, nobody cared and nobody wanted the things I was creating. Such as it is sometimes. So, rather than dwelling on it, I’m just going to pickup and move forward. Maybe, someday, when the time is right and I can afford another one…I will buy a GF again…but now is not the right time in my life to have one.

I will attach some pics of the things I have done over the last year and a half with my GF Pro…kind of like a farewell tour lol :laughing:



What!!! You are beyond talented!!! Your creativity is mind blowing!!!

We need to work this thing out—-I will help you.

I believe the problem is marketing because it’s not your talent!!! I’m going to PM you. I have a list of things that could help you and will help you. Give me a few hours because I’m at the dentist getting ready to get my teeth cleaned. Third visit this week at the dentist.


So this is my “Crown Jewel” so to speak. The Nordic Icosahedron Light of Protection (Prototype).

Hours and hours of planning, drafting and rendering went into this design. It’s a proof of concept to make unique glowing lamps with color changing LED strips.

Even if you don’t put any stock into ancient symbols or hyrogliphogorphy…it’s still really cool to think you have a becon that is in some way shape or form protecting you.

It has an internal, skeletal structure of interlocking triangles to make the icosahedron shape. Held together with epoxy. Inset is an 8’ strip of color changing LEDs glued to the internal skeleton. Also inset into the skeleton is frosted acrylic to create the “glowing” effect. The outer skin consists of 19 triangles with the ancient, circular, Nordic symbol of protection cut into the center of each. I then complemented it with 3 accessory triangles to give the appearance of 2 triangles and a circle from any angle you look at the light.

there was a second “hanging” version, but I ended up giving that to a close family friend. It was in many ways the same, except it had a decorative chandelier chain coming out one of the points.

This was, by far, my greatest demonstration of what the GF and I are capable of.


You are ending a relationship that does not need to end. Do you really want a permanent divorce?

All you need is one hour of marketing therapy? I charge zero dollars for my services. Now I would appreciate a King Cone ice cream if you are ever in Knoxville.


Say it isn’t so! You’re too talented to give it up.
I live not far from W’burg myself. We’re practically neighbors!



Sadly, it has come time to part with my GF. Again, it has taken me a long, long time to make this decision. However, given the new outlook on my next venture…It is time for me to accept that the GF will never be what I thought it would be - in regards to a Business aspect.

Truth be told - I’m cutting my losses with the GF now and am going to reinvest those proceeds into Crypto - Raven specifically. I started this new venture back in May and am already turning more profit that I had estimated.

I have built a Mining Operation that is currently generating, roughly, $20/day (after electricity costs). For me, cutting my losses with the GF and reinvesting that into my Mining Operation will net me another $10/day and send me into the next phase of my Mining Operation’s Development.

Just to put it into perspective:

I have spent roughly $10k total on my GF, materials, admin costs and whatever else I needed to get my name and creations out there. I have managed to sell about $1k of creations since I got the GF. If I can get $2500 for my GF now…that puts me at -$6.5k equity. Chalk that negative equity as a loss and figure it into the profitability timeline of the Mining Operation…which after the Operation in complete…will be about 2 months of mining revenue. Sure, I will carry the loss well into 2022, but my current projections will have my Mining Operation generating $3.4k/month by 09/15/2022 (and that is at today’s Ravencoin rate). However, profitability will increase, if, the value of the coin increases as time goes on.

So, you see, it is only temporary that I will be saying goodbye to this GF…I will get another one, but it probably won’t be for a couple of years and it will be solely for my own enjoyment and personal creations - which I will then tokenize onto the Blockchain and add a layer of permanent authentication…thereby increasing the value of said creation…in which there will be a permanent record of ownership and authenticity.

In order to set the current plan into motion, I have to give up my GF in the interim, to get my passive income to buy another GF when I am more prepared for making creations and learned how to tokenize them on the blockchain.

Believe me, if I was aware of how easy it is to make money Mining Crypto back when I bought the GF…I NEVER would have bought it. I would have poured everything into a Mining Operation to make a passive income to buy a GF later…

So, that is why I am deciding to part ways with my GF. It is the catalyst I need to take my Mining Operation to the next level…to make more income…to reinvest that income into an even bigger Mining Operation…to reinvest that income and so on and so on. Eventually, I will get to a point to where I can take a step back and then start looking at things like a GF to pursue my creative ways…until then, all that stands between me and the next phase of my Mining Operation is a GF Pro that I don’t use that much anymore…


You clearly are a person that gives back knowledge and lessons learned to the glowforge community, and that is a reason why most of us are here. Just know, you always have a community here and if you ever want to get back into it or use a glowforge, please let me know.

And as far as the glowforge success stories, some are purely just luck. I’m a complete “female dog” to people who act entitled and so I for sure thought Etsy would kick me off in no time. Somehow, they didn’t. So now I am trying to figure out my exit strategy. My story also started with my spouse suggesting a laser engraver, which I immediately jumped on because I for sure thought he wouldn’t want more machines in the house.

So I also understand just needing to take a break or fully separate from a machine. Try out the other endeavors but just hold onto your glowforge account because you never know what the future holds :slight_smile: and let me know if you want to collab on orders and get back into it.


If only I had seen this a few weeks ago. Good luck my friend.

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Hey Everyone -

Thank you all for your interest in my GF.
I have found a buyer for the machine and am flagging the machine sold as of 8/27/2021 @11:07 am (EST)

Happy Printing Everyone. I will keep my GF account, just in case anyone wants to ask any questions in the future.

Don’t worry, I won’t be gone for long.


Best of luck to you.

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I would say I will take great care of your machine, but its going to a bunch of kids…So if it goes down, it will go down honorably and hopefully inspire the next generation of glowforgers :slight_smile:

Just let me know when your interested in buying a used glowforge. I think timing will work out perfect because I do not want two GF long term, especially as I get more back into sewing.


I would drive from NYC to purchase that machine but saw a post too late :frowning:
I already have Pro version but would love to get one more…

If you want to outbid for it, I would be okay with that and the original owner would get fully what the highest bidder would pay (if @kory.fransen is down for that). I have two GFs and personally did not need another, however I knew a few teachers trying to raise money for one for their STEM program and so I was going to buy this one and just donate it to the program and it happened to be local to me.

Would you pay $3,000 for this machine? I am not guaranteeing anything because its @kory.fransen end decision, but I would have no hard feelings if someone wants to pay more.

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If you wanted to outbid @MyDogsThinkImCrazy and offer $3k…that is an option - if you really do want my GF Pro.

Offer is available if you’d like.

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