Selling Glowforge Basic in NYC - Local Pickup

Hello!!! New York City!!!
Calling all Daycare Supervisors, Teachers, Woodcutter, and everyone else!

I am selling my Glowforge on June 15, 2019. I used this item maybe 3 times. Yes, I am a bit scared (of using it) of it in an apartment and don’t have the space to explore it as I should. First come First Served!

It is in EXCELLENT shape.

If you are interested, please email PM me here asap!
I am asking for $2000 only!

What’s included:
(1) Basic Glow
$598 worth of supplies (All Proofgraded material).
Accessories - Hoses, clips, cords, and link to GF

Here is more images!


Just a word of warning: you should remove the personal info from your posting (phone number) as this forum is open to the world for viewing. You can ask folks to Private Message you instead, and if you set your forum (Discourse) preferences to get an email when someone sends you a PM, you’ll be all set.

Good luck!


I am looking to see where I put my phone number. I remember entering it but now I cannot find it.
I will remove it asap!

Thanks a million!


Be careful folks. This could be a stolen unit, and there’s no way to know unless you know @jspellen personally, Glowforge and @dan would advise you against purchasing it.


Check my stats!!! Hahahaha

I am in all forums and you CAN’T steal a heavy butt GF!!!


Everyone knows me!!!

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Yeah, it’s a bit easier to verify when someone has been on the forum for as long as @jspellen has been.


Of course, anyone that’s worried could also verify it with GF and wait for a response before handing over any money.


On a serious note, they have to live in NYC. I have to vindicate (confirm) them as well.

I am not opening my doors for strangers. You have to be active on social media (as well).

There is a GF forum on FB and I am a part of that too! I will post there as well (without the phone and private info).

Thanks All


I 100% believe you, but I also believed the person I bought my now bricked GF from.

I’m only sharing the valuable information that I wish I’d followed before purchasing my now dead GF.


Personally would never buy anything that expensive with cash and would take a picture of the person’s drivers license, the person, and with a signed Bill of Sale. No valid ID, or if they have a problem with that, goodbye.


Only problem is, you’d still have a bricked Glowforge and some super premium evidence that wouldn’t get you your money back.

I am sorry to hear. You purchases the GF from someone and it stopped working?

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I might be a slow here. What is bricked?

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That’s correct. Bricked = no longer working. I bought one used, asked Glowforge about it and they claim it’s stolen so they bricked it. It’s a bummer, but Glowforge was quick to point out that they don’t recommend buying/selling to/from someone you don’t know personally and tough cookies for me.

Then @dan stopped responding to me entirely when I tried to work out something charitable to do with the no longer functional unit.

I hope you get a good price for your unit and the transfer goes smoothly.

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Oh, WOW! I am truly sorry.

Thank you so much!
I am also considering leasing it to one of the community centers in my neighborhood. If they have the space and interest on working this machine, they can have it (affordable monthly fee).


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