Selling Glowforge Basic in San Francisco Bay Area, California

I am selling my Glowforge basic. I received it (based upon email) back on 11/30/17 and has been minimally used (two sheets of draft board). All other materials are still present as is the original packaging (as well as a mix of materials from Instructables).

I am selling because I am in a townhouse complex and am not comfortable venting near my immediate neighbors due to location.

I am asking $2200 for locals. Message me if interested!

Sadly they blew their savings on black Friday… and now they’re bummed cuz Forge! Ah well. Good luck

I have a friend who might be. I’m writing this mostly so I can find your post once I’ve heard back from him!

Sorry that it’s not working out for you though :frowning:

Not sure if you know this, but if you tap the 3 dots at the bottom of a post, there’s a bookmark option. Handy tool for saving things. :slight_smile:

LOL - so I did actually - but I’ve been using bookmarks to track projects I wanna make, and hearts to track tips and tricks so it didn’t occur to me to use either for this

It totally should have, but it didn’t. :slight_smile:

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