SELLING Glowforge Plus - an hour between Philadelphia PA and Newark NJ, willing to drop off

Selling glowforge plus - i have really wnjoyed it but just havent had the time to use it that id like to in the years ive had it. Have only worked a couple dozen projects on it, still runs fantastic. Can’t justify keeping it around just to make our house seasonal decorations every couple months. Ill toss in a bunch of plywood, vynil, and leather patch. Looking to get 2750 out of it, willing to deliver up to 1.5hr radius. DM me with interests, thanks.

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You’re including vinyl? Did you ever cut any of the vinyl in your GF?


Yes some ultrathin that i made some stencils with on ceramics. Had to have low power and fast movement to not curl it.

Just be aware that you may not get any ‘takers’ on a machine that’s been used with vinyl…as that’s a huge NO-NO. Even the slightest use with vinyl may very likely have caused irreparable damage and corrosion to the insides of the machine.


Ah I see. I cut two stencils with the stuff in the first week i had it years ago and never used it again since it didn’t stick well on wood, it’s never given me any issues. Thanks for the heads up though.

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