Selling Glowforge Pro - DMV Area

I’m looking to sell my Glowforge Pro (Glowdie). I purchased the Pro in late August after losing my previous Pro (Glowey) in a hurricane last year. But life has changed since then and I have only been able to use it twice. I don’t want it to collect dust and not be put to any use. It has all the original materials that come with the machine.

I currently am located in Laurel, MD, so it’s possible to get to someone in the DMV area (but I wouldn’t mind anyone in the NY-NJ-PA area as well). If item needs to be shipped further, we can look into it as well.

If that doesn’t work, I’m open to ideas on how I can use the Glowforge at a community level. Maybe people can come to a space and use the machine for small projects or it could be used for a kids creative arts class. Please send me a message if you are interested or have any ideas. Would love for the machine to be put to good use. Thank you!


I know that here in Colorado, some of the middle schools are working on getting Glowforges. (I’m guessing the high schools, too.) If you can’t sell it, maybe donating to a school would be a possible option? Good luck!


Also libraries!


Hi: Sorry to hear your encounter. One of my friends in NJ who works in Wal-Mart is looking to invest in a Glowforge Pro. Please let me know what you expecting in terms of final non negotiable price. My sister lives in Pasadena, MD and I frequently visit her. you may contact me at my email

Since this is a public site, I suggest you remove your email address from you post. Any communication can be continued by using the private message function.

You purchased it this past august? So it’s under warranty?

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