Selling Glowforge Pro (Lightly Used) (located in Poconos, PA)

Hello, everyone. I regret to say that I am selling my Glowforge Pro. I have had the Glowforge for just over a year and it hasn’t been used as much as I thought I would use it when I originally bought it. It’s fair to say that the condition is excellent as it has been used lightly. Maybe 4x a month for a year. I would prefer to sell it to someone locally in Pennsylvania, or even one of the surrounding states. I still have all the original packaging that it came with. Just be advised, if you are thinking about purchasing this machine, isn’t small. It’s a big machine, that has a little bit of weight to it. It is possible for one person to lift and carry it, but I would advise against it. It’s too valuable to try and lift with one person. Just my opinion. If you locally pick up this machine. I will include all the materials that I have accumulated over the past year. It’s enough to get a side business started for sure. I am asking $5,900.00 for the Glowforge Pro and an external exhaust fan + all materials YOU MAY TEXT OR CALL 484-545-3737 MIKE OR 484-894-8617-SAMANTHA. YOU CAN CALL EITHER MYSELF(MIKE) OR MY FIANCE SAMANTHA BOTH NUMBERS ARE LISTED. (

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Welcome to the community, although it doesn’t sound like you’ll be around for long. Since this is a public forum, I suggest you remove your phone numbers and email. Just request that potential interested people contact you via your profile by sending you a PM. Good luck in selling your machine.


What is included in “all materials”?


Im in Scranton. What matetials are included?

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