Selling Glowforge Pro + materials - $4900 Mountain View, CA

Interested in getting a perfect condition GF Pro @ $1k under the current price and are driving distance to the bay area? Look no further! Create tons of goodies for the holidays!

It pains me to write this but I am selling my perfect condition, used only ~7x glowforge pro. It does not have an airfilter, it’s still on order (smh).

I had big plans for my GF since I’ve done a ton of lasering in the past. However, it took so long to arrive (more than a year!!!) that my life has changed drastically since it’s arrival and I don’t have the time to GF.

It’s not under warrantee but it’s in perfect condition so you’re not going to need it.

I have the original shipping box.

It also came with a whole bunch of ‘stuff’ that was supposed to make up for the year+ that the GF was delayed, I think their claim is that it’s about $200 worth of materials. All included for the lucky person!

I’d rather not ship this so if you happen to be within driving distance of me, we can lovingly put it back into it’s box and you can go create all the things that I no longer have the time to craft. And then you can taunt me with all of your wonderful creations and I will be super happy of my GF getting the life that it deserves.

Thanks for reading!


That suggests it was a pre-order machine from the original crowdfunding campaign .

which means there’s no warranty left.


Thanks for letting me know!

Pretty sure all of us US based original backers are out of warranty now :frowning:

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Ironic since we still haven’t gotten the filter yet! I wasn’t one of the originals, came in right before they supposedly closed off a round and then waited for I can’t remember how long. I think at this point, we’re going on more than 4 years waiting for the filter. While things work as advertised, I never want to find a Kickstarter… And this was even after they were doing the Kickstarter! Thank you for helping!

I think my latest filter date is now Feb :slight_smile:

Fortunately I was able to swap out a window in the basement and duct it out. But it has been a really long journey.

Of what year? :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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