Selling Glowforge Pro! Pensacola FL

Hi everyone! Sad to say, I am selling my glowforge pro.

I am in Pensacola, FL and in a dual-military relationship and unfortunately we are both being relocated and being sent to different locations. With that being said, both of us are moving where bringing this with is not an option and we also won’t have free time anymore to use it anyway. It’s in great condition, only about 4 months old and used maybe 20 times max. We also have the compact filter if you want to use it indoors.

Serious inquires only please!

You might want to add location and approximate price to your title, you might get more hits that way.

Pensacola, FL

It’s not in the title, that was my point.

Is this still for sale?

Yes it is

What are you asking for it? I am near Ft Lauderdale so we would also have to figure the best way for getting it down here. On a side note, thanks for your service … relationships are tough in general but military relationship requires a special level of amazing person … so thank you both!

(BTW - That’s not a suck-up for a better price … I sincerely mean that and appreciate the committment you’ve made for us)
(BTW2 - a better price is always good!!! LOL)

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