Selling Glowforge Pro with Air Filter in Central Florida

Hi Glowforge Community! I am selling my Glowforge Pro- It’s had very minimal use since I’ve purchased it in September of last year. I unfortunately no longer have the passion to make the best use of it anymore.

asking price: $5000 (machine, air filter, some original proof material sent with purchase of machine, extra wood I purchased, original packing material, warranty still included)

I can potentially ship it to someone who would love to buy it. If you are interested please let me know- my email is

You might consider also including a price without the filter, as it’s not a desirable item.

Plenty of people still buy the filter. I think it’s smart to include it - what will you do with a filter and no GF?

I am interested, but let me talk to my husband. We are in the middle of a move so big purchases aren’t an option right now, but we always talk about the future and could potentially buy something in a couple months.

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Let me know if you will sell the filter by itself.

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