Selling Items with Glowforge images

I love some of the pre-loaded images that we can use on the Glowforge. Am I allowed to use them on some of the products that we sell?


As I understand, all of the clipart type stuff that is free with a Premium subscription is licensed for commercial use. I will let someone with more authority verify that, but that is the way I took it.

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Thank you for your input that was my impression too. Fingers crossed. Hoping Glowforge can verify that.

Yep, definitely! Dan laid it out in the September Update.

Unlimited free designs - Get access to print dozens of beautiful and practical designs in the new “Free with Premium ” section of the catalog. You can print as many as you want - for yourself, for gifts, or even to sell! They’re all free as long as you’re a Premium member. And this is just the start… see below for a peek at what’s coming soon for these designs. (Note: you will need a credit card on file to use this feature during the free trial).


To be clear - many/most of the :glowforge: provided designs do not come with commercial licensing, but the images you can add by clicking on the big + at the top of the GFUI do.


As I read it, the free with premium can be sold commercially. You just can’t sell the designs themselves. Only the produced item. Am I wrong? Just read one of the descriptions and it states it is for commercial use.


This is super helpful thank you! So I guess I am just curious which images are which. The images that you can add on the dashboard are those are available for commercial use? I don’t know if those are there because of my premium membership or not.

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If you look at the designs in the catalog, they tell you if they are commercial.


Thank you for all of your replies @djfb @deirdrebeth @Jules @tjones. I am up to date on the commercial use of the artwork in the premium membership and the designs in the catalog thanks to y’all. I am wondering now about the artwork and fonts in the dashboard when you click on the + sign. Does anyone know where it states that those can be used for commercial use?

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Not sure on those.

@deirdrebeth explained it in her post…the icon designs underneath the big Plus sign are commercial use, and the Free with Premium designs can also be printed as many times as you like for sale.

But for other catalog designs that you purchase, I’m not sure now, but I don’t think so. (They used to have a little “i” tag with information on the licensing for catalog purchases…I haven’t checked it in a while, but it looks like that’s gone.)

Formerly, if you wanted to use a file for printing and sale, you had to purchase the single version each time. You couldn’t purchase the unlimited prints version and then use that to sell the prints. But I don’t know if that still holds true.

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BTW, there isn’t a drop down for it - but you can use the magnifying glass to search for the word “commercial” in the catalog and it’ll bring up all the designs that do come with that license.


I searched commerical and nothing has come up. :frowning:

I don’t know what to tell you


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