Selling my early release Glowforge Basic $700 +shipping

I have decided to part ways with Glowforge. This business model for premium feature’s was not what I was lead to believe when buying a device through kickstarter. I feel very let down by Glowforge especially with the device having an early defect and expect me to pay out of pocket for it.

The device is currently in Boulder, Co. in storage (In a friends spare room) while I am moving so I putting feeler’s out and will have pictures soon. The rear hinge has separated from the top glass. The machine works with no issues, other than when I close/ open the door, I hold the rear hinge together. This could easily be fixed by applying some epoxy to the back. I have decided NOT to do that in order to preserve the fix for someone else either wanting to do it through the manufacturer or themselves.
This is a great option for someone looking to get into forging for 3/4 of the price for a new Basic. Comes with the original box and all the shipping materials. I’ll include my cutting material as well for free so you have something to start with.

If you have any questions please ask.

You might want to add a location.


Location please. Also, what are the conditions of the storage - climate controlled, etc.

Also, please note this was not a Kickstarter project, it was a presale item.


Um… I placed my order back in September or October 2015 when they announced on KickStarter. Unless I’ve hopped dimensions.
Also, please fact check your statements before making them.

Added, thank you.

It was not Kickstarter. I have supported Kickstarter projects, and I purchased my Glowforge in September of 2015 in the presale period.


Not that it matters much, but it was never on KickStarter, although many people falsely attributed it to that.

It was a private, crowdfunded campaign.


You’re right, it doesn’t matter. Thank you for pointing that out.

Excellent, me too. Can we move on? Or do you still have energy you need to move around whether or not it was on KickStarter?

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Ping @Deleted - he likes buying used GFs.

Were chatting

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Maybe you can bug it off of them via Kickstarter.

I want it. I’m about a 20 min drive away from Boulder.


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