Selling my glow forge

Hello everyone, I bought my glowforge pro a few months backs I am active duty Marine Corps, and just received orders to Japan for 3 years.
I don’t want to leave my machine unused for that amount of time.
It’s brand new and have printed on it about 6 times.
Also have some proof grade material and the FILTER.

Would anyone like to purchase or know someone looking to get started in engraving.

Thank you in advance.

Currently located in NC

Asking for 6000 (will pay for shipping if unable to pick up or deliver.)


Semper FI Marine and be safe…


Stating your location, so people know if it has to be shipped or if they can pick it up, and a price seem to be the general advice for selling a glowforge.


Can you not take it with you? I’m planning on taking mine (though not a military move, so I can’t speak for space on the other side or anything)- so I’m just wondering if there was some regulation I didn’t hear about.

I suppose I wouldn’t completely trust the shipping companies that the military uses though, my friend’s last move they company permanently misplaced half her belongings, and that was state-side.

I am currently not married so I would have to live in a 12’ by 12’ dorm room, and yes the moving companies would most likely damage it and I would spend years trying to claim any damages.

I have had leaders in the past try claims and they gave up on thousands of dollars because the companies would give them the run around.


I get it. Once on a move back to the US, we got all of our stuff, but it was completely covered in dirty oil. All of it. And my friend did get her claim settled, but they denied losing as much as they did and she was never able to recover all her kids’ baby momentos.

I just wasn’t sure if there was some laser transporting regulation I didn’t know about.

I hope you enjoy Japan and have safe travels. I really love it there.


You are entitled to storage under the travel regulations for Household Goods that can’t be shipped due to limits of your new PDS.


Hu-ah! If you’ve never been there, you’ll love it! Great food, sights. No downside. Well, there is, but just do what momma warned you about and you’ll be cool.

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For sure!

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