Selling my Glowforge Base model (Charlotte, NC)

Hey everyone! I’m looking to give someone the opportunity to buy a used Glowforge at a fair price. I purchased this machine back in July of 2020 so it’s just under 2 years old. I had high hopes of starting a custom engraving business and using it during fall of 2020 but I just haven’t had the time to work on anything. Instead, it just sits in the corner of my office, not doing anything but taking up space. I’ve treated it well and kept it clean when in use.

I never used the fan that was built into the GF. Instead, I did what others have done and used a ventilation fan for a quieter experience. I have started her up after a long time and she works just as well as last year. For full transparency, with GF’s, you never know when a part will need to be replaced or have complications during shipment. Glowforge has a whole article on the risks associated with purchasing a used GF.

With that said, the base model goes for $4000 and I’m offering half of that at $2000 + shipping. It would include all of the original parts (minus proof grade material) plus the box. If you’re interested, please feel free to message me and I will be more than happy to supply plenty of photos and videos if needed. Thanks for your time and please share with anyone considering a purchase but doesn’t want to pay the full price :smile:


You might want to include your location in the post. Some people only consider local options.


Thanks a lot! Just added my location.

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