Selling my glowforge basic for repairs/parts

My glowforge basic isn’t working and I can’t afford to get it repaired. So, I want to sell it.
My offer is to sell it for $1000 + shipping.

I have all the parts, but I forgot to add the laser head before taking the picture.

Located in Kansas.

An idea of where it is located would help so the shipping could be calculated.
How was the machine behaving, what was the problem?


Located in Kansas.
It does everything it should be doing. Except when it comes to the laser. It doesn’t always fire and when it does, it doesn’t make any marks.

Well, If I understand, and you can see the pink beam in the tube but the energy isn’t deposited on the material, then the beam must be obstructed. I would first make sure the mirror in the head is installed correctly.


I’ve checked all that, but couldn’t find anything.
The support team is telling me the only option is to send it in for refurbishing. So, I figure it is time to throw in the towel.

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