Selling my Glowforge Plus now, Las Vegas

Hello everyone,

I’m looking to sell my Glowforge Plus. I live in Vegas and I am a moving. It’s only been used like 10 times for minor projects like Christmas ornaments. I have no space for it and need to put it into hands that will actually use it creatively. What do you guys think?

When it comes to the warranty, I purchased it in 2021 so it should be out of warranty. I think they only give us a 12 month warranty on the Plus. Very light use on this machine. In like new condition.

I’m unable to ship this product unless you provide shipping materials and payment.

Serious inquiries only :slight_smile:


Good luck!


I added the city to your title so people who skim might see it.

FYI, when you get a buyer, add them as a user on your system, and then you can switch their user to the primary (I believe there’s now a way to do it yourself, but if not contacting support after the user is activated will definitely work!)

Good luck!


Having the box and orange bits for moving, much less shipping, is important as it can be easily damaged. Even with the shipping box and orange bits (that cushion and brace a lot of it) they all too frequently arrive from the factory damaged by careless handling.

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