Selling my Glowforge Pro - "Brand new" Refurb - Portland, OR - $4500 B/O

Hi All,

It’s been a great ride with Glowforge as one of the initial investors and it led me to success. So much so that I’ve gotten a 53x35 130w one now and looking to purchase a second one. I burnt out the power supply on my last Glowforge unit and they sent me a “new” replacement. Just received it in my shop and comes with the remainder of the 90 day warranty. new, still in box and ready to ship.

send me DM’s and I’ll send whatever images or answer any questions.

Also, not even sure where else to post Glowforges for sale but sugesstions would be appreicated.


This is as good a place as any to advertise it. Would be a good idea to add your location and a price.


Thanks for the suggestions.

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Hmmm…just ‘up the road’ from me. I’m in Mt. Angel…but, sorry…not in the market for another machine.


even closer I’m in Newberg. It does seem that posting on Glowforge that people already have what they need. I missed the Oktoberfest this year… didn’t get the chance to get to your neck of the woods.


There are occasionally people in here who want to buy a second machine, so not a bad idea to try anyway. Hope you find a buyer.


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