Selling my Glowforge Pro! Excellent Condition :)

Hello all!

Very gently used, less than 50 hours of use, well maintained and in original packaging. Life changes are pulling me away from laser work and I’ve decided to let someone else enjoy this awesome machine.

Purchased in 2023 for $6500, will sell for $3000 plus ground freight. We can discuss payment, escrow, etc to make sure both you and I are protected through the transaction. I will send lots of photographs of the GF Pro to anyone interested, including projects made with it.

*WILL INCLUDE - AC Infinity Cloudline T6 inline fan with 4-layer 4" duct hoses (2) and two 6" to 4" duct reducers. This is an elegant (and quiet!) solution for porting out the exhausted with much less noise than the internal Glowforge exhaust fan.

Shipping from zip code 18951 (Eastern Pennsylvania)



Top marks for the format and info in your for sale post. Location, shipping, cost, and clear list of what’s included. Everyone should take notes if they want to sell. :slight_smile:


Thanks! :slight_smile:


You do probably want to remove your email as this forum is public and it will get scraped. You can tell the forum to send you an email anytime someone responds to this posts, or sends you a DM, etc.

Good luck. If I had the space and the cash I’d likely be interested, but NO MORE TOYS! :slight_smile:


Good call - thanks!


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