Selling my glowforge pro ( Oak Harbor WA)

I have the Pro model that has only been used a handful of times. Have had it for just over a year. I have all the original packaging and the proofgrade materials except most of the draft board, but all the acrylic and leather samples are unused. I bought a nice rolling workbench for it and two cans of Cermark, one for metal and the other for ceramic and glass, only the metal can has been used a couple times. I have a box of 200 count Zeiss lens wipes, only used several. Selling everything together, $3200.00, but am willing to sell just the machine $3000.00. I can provide pictures of everything, if you live anywhere near Oak Harbor you can pick it up or I can meet you somewhere around an hours drive away. I am willing to send it to you if you pay for shipping.

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I forgot, I made a board that the vent hose attaches to that you can put in your window that I will throw in.

Lemme talk to my husband. Since it’s been over a year that means it had no warranty right? When you say handful, can you be more specific on how many times you’ve used it? May I ask why you’re selling it?

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Yes, sorry “handful” may have been the wrong word. Compared to some of the people on the site I felt like it was a handful, realistically I believe I have used it to print around 20 times. I can try to see if I can get an exact number if you like, but I haven’t used it that much. I’m selling it because I wanted to try laser printing, I did do my research before I bought it, so it’s not the printer it’s me. I am woodworker and was hoping to incorporate it more into my projects. It’s an amazing machine, just not what I was looking for. I am blown away by what people in the community use it for, however it’s just not what I do.


Thank you for the information! I don’t need a specific number, just “handful” means different things to everybody C: I thought you maybe meant 3-5 haha. I appreciate you telling me your reason too, and I get it. Hubby gets home from work this afternoon and I’ll ask him about it. Thanks again!

No problem, also I am not sure about the warranty, I’ll look into it. I can do a FaceTime video or something to do a live print for you to show it works.

I think the Pros have a 1 year warranty from GF (2 that are 6 months long). I’ll let you know what hubby says later tonight. The video chat is a great idea, I hadn’t thought of that! But yeah I’ll let you know.

He says not right now, we just don’t have the money. If you still have it end of January, that could be a different story. But if somebody else wants to get it before I can then don’t worry about it C:

I’ll keep it up here till it sells. If it’s available when you’re ready then we’ll work something out. Thanks for the reply. Have a great holiday!

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I’m so annoyed. I literally just moved FROM Oak Harbor to Jacksonville. I have a basic but have been looking at getting a pro because I use it so much.

I have a friend interested. I will let you know when he decides.

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