Selling my Glowforge Pro

Hello - I am selling my Glowforge Pro - very very gently used, in amazing condition with original packaging. Used for maybe 6 small projects and am happy to send you detailed pictures of any of the parts. $4300 and we will ship to you. Reply here or to

Sad to “hear” that… hopefully you just “upgrading” for something more industrial or something like that… good luck on your sale!

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Dang. That’s a good deal. I’d be all over it if I hadn’t just wrote a huge check. :disappointed:

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If I could find someone to buy my basic for a good price… But it’s not so gently used.


Keep me in mind and let me know if you are seriously interested…

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If anyone is looking for a Basic GlowForge, I am selling mine. I used one the machine only three times. I made a ruler, trophy, and 4x6 sign.

I am a bit intimidated since I live in an apartment building.
It is still under warranty and I will through in the filter once it ships.

Local pick up (save on shipping).

Probably good to start a new thread, and if you are doing local pickup you might indicate what state or even city you are in. Also, do you still have the packaging?
I’m sorry you aren’t keeping it; but I hope you find a good busy home for it.

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