Selling my Glowfroge Pro

Hey there!

Any advice on selling a GF Pro? Im in NYC and its in almost perfect condition

yes, several (lol) how much do you want for it, where in NYC?
how old is it, etc

facebook marketplace is a free listing service
eBay you pay 13% (ouch)
put ads on social media (like here)

no matter how ‘new’ your Glowforge is, if the box is open expect to get half its value
the price increases with factory warranty, etc.

DO NOT post your personal email address, people on here can DM you.

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posting here is one way, many GF’s have found new homes that way. Be specific in what you have, where are you located?, is the machine still under warranty?, do you still have the shipping container and lockdowns?, how much do you want for it? how much usage? Is it still working? are you willing to ship or pick up only?

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I have a Plus that is only 3 months old and has the Golwforge 3 year warranty for sale in the Milwaukee area. If anybody is interested pm me. I have only used it about 2 hours. I purchased a larger machine, so it isn’t being used.

You should definitely create your own post with both Plus and Milwaukee in the title, and your description of the machine in the body.


When you do find a buyer, add them as a user and after the sale is complete contact Support and have them change that user to the owner and remove your info.

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Yea, I know I have to do that. I really am not sure I should sell it, considering it’s brand new and I bought the 3 year warranty, but my new machine is working out real nice and I don’t know if I need the Forge.

truth be told you can wait a year with it not being effected with the warranty,
is the warranty square trade or amazon’s asuirion?

If you’re even thinking a little bit you’d like to keep it, keep it! That’ll be the most cost effective option, both in terms of $$ and your time. It’s a monstrously large thing to pack up and move around.
Do you have an interested friend you could rent it to?


Hi - are you still interested in selling your GF Pro?

It’s a Plus, not the Pro.

This thread is about selling a pro.

The OP was asking for advice on how to go about doing that.

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@oayanfodun you may want to click on @saw1303’s profile pic and click Message to send them a DM about buying.

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