Selling new-refurbished Glowforge PRO, on warranty - Texas

Selling my “new refurbished” Glowforge PRO that received today (8/4/2023) as a replacement, so, it is still on the 90 days warranty period (as per today).

I’m selling it because bought a better Laser and it is time to say goodbye to Glowforge for good.

I want this baby to go fast, so, I’m asking for $3,500, or best offer.

Recall that the PRO version is $6,995 plus taxes, around $7,568 with taxes. This is more than 50% discount!

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Best of luck, but 3500 for a 90 warranty doesn’t seem like a great offer for a machine that did not cost you $3500 as a replacement.

You might consider stating whether or not you will ship and what your shipping policy regarding cost is. Since almost everyone in the forum has a Glowforge, you might consider offering yours on ebay or in one of the Facebook groups.


Actually, I paid the List Price for a GF Pro, and then, after four defective machines in less than two years, had to pay extra $1,765. All that, plus taxes.

If we were taking about fairness, the universe should have to pay me around $9K for this unit. But I understand the universe and markets work in a different way :slight_smile:

The market will talk, if someone is interested on a GlowForge Pro machine at that price, with still GF warranty running, please, let me know, or make me an offer. We can discuss the terms.


What laser did you replace it with?


Have you already started using it? How does it compare to the GF?

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No, I haven’t (bummer!), but there are several posts comparing in the link above.


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