xTool P2

Looks like we’ll have a new Glowforge competitor next month:

  • Tabletop format
  • Under 100 pounds
  • 14x26 bed that can fit 12x24" materials
  • 55W CO2 tube
  • Integrated cooling, air assist and exhaust fan
  • Rotary, riser, and passthrough for round or large materials
  • Same price as a Glowforge Basic, with discounts available

Any opinions on this or xTool products as a whole?


The motorized/self actuated pass through is intriguing. Based on my experience with desktop vinyl cutters I’d be curious how dependable the roller system is.


They’re the (or at least one of the major) leader in the laser diode space. They’ve got a history of continuous product innovation - they’re always upping the game on themselves as their products age. Probably very Chinese factory dependent but they tend to be first or second with new stuff and then the rest of the diode laser “makers” catch up. They may have some sort of exclusive on the first 6 months or year of building these machines before the factories can sell to all the other “manufacturers” out there.

I’ll definitely consider it when my GF needs to be replaced. This looks an awful lot like what the GF 1.5 or 2.0 could be.


I’m not holding my breath. Astounds me that there hasn’t been any serious hardware upgrades to Glowforge. For a small company with a fair amount of cash Glowforge moves very slowly.


As someone who loves making turned spheres on the lathe, the rotary engraving attachment is pretty interesting. X-tool has also has been doing this for a while and making continual improvements to their product line.


i’m curious about “integrated cooling.” are we sure it’s internal? i guess it’s possible that a .37 gallon tank is internal.

Water-cooling System Capacity: 1.4L(0.37gal)


How does the service life of a diode compare to a tube?


I think this is definitely something I might check out whenever my GF dies. I think I would really like the added space and especially the rotary ability. And if it’s the same price as a GF Basic, that’s even better.


agreed. i’m interested to see some regular users review it, but the specs/cost are great compared to GF. the rotary/depth increase, the extra 15w, and the 24" wide materials (which means less cutting down since 24" is a standard).


Guess it’s not glowforges business model to make new hardware and be the leader in that space. They’re more about subscriptions and materials lately seems like.


And all I have right now is the GF Basic, so the added size, depth and rotary would be very substantial upgrades for me. In the meantime, I’ll have to wait until at least next year when I have some major bills paid off. Praying my GF is still working fine until then, and even after. :slight_smile:


Well it’s a 55 watt CO2 laser. It has the pass through capable of 1.1 inches (30mm) thick material. I don’t see any info on the height of the riser (which sounds optional) but without it the machine has slightly more useful height than the GF at 2.7 inches. If my GF wasn’t working so well I would jump on this.


Yeah, no hardware innovation but lots of focus on driving subscription dollars (software/materials). While that works for awhile, it’s not a good strategy for long-term success. You can only ride the same horse so many miles before the younger, fresher ones pass you by. There’s a reason the Turtle & the Hare is a fable and not an autobiography.


this popped up in an ad today and it gave me a little more context to the actual size (which is much bigger than the GF). of course, that’s why the lady in the second photo is able to put a small suitcase in the bottom half.

also, my mild OCD wants to punch the person who set up their bed like this in the nose (yes, this is the capture screen from their camera).


Height wise, I believe that’s with an optional riser accessory


it is, but it’s also not nearly as much of an upgrade w/o that riser.


I really feel sorry for the person that set their bed up like this. So much more work for them, and the alignment of the engraves is way off on some them. Such a shame.


They also keep things very close to the vest. If they have been working on new hardware, I would expect to hear nothing until there’s a full announcement. Of course, companies have other reasons for having quiet periods as well.

masto’s obvious maxim of PR: there are two ways to communicate – either you tell people what’s going on or you don’t. The former leads to arguments, the latter to wild speculation.

I’m really spoiled by the Glowforge on this point. I’m still hopeful that its eventually replacement will be a Glowforge II, but if I have to get something else, it will be very hard for me to accept anything with a water tank, regardless of how integrated it is.



Yeah you’re probably totally right about them not saying a word until it’s ready. They give almost no warning for software features, I shouldn’t expect any for hardware either.

That being said… they might want to think hard about changing that philosophy. Our machines are starting to age out, and it seems like there’s an uptick in people considering jumping ship to other machines because there’s no improvements in GF land. If I get another laser it’ll be something newer and more powerful, GF has to work to keep me – a roadmap to new hardware would keep me interested.

(He says, to no one in particular. It’s also pretty dumb that GF doesn’t participate in the forums.)


it’s not just jumping ship because of no improvements, the original machines are starting to age out and that’s forcing people’s hands. 2-3 years ago, it was less of an issue. but now, a growing portion of their initial user base are coming to a fork in the road, and without those hardware improvements, the choice to stick with GF becomes less tenable because of the additional options on the market today vs 2-3 years ago.