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I’ve had some of my Glowforge creations on Etsy for about three months now and have sold a whopping 2 items. Anyone have any pointers on how to improve sales? I’ve tried everything from changing the titles of the items to adding as many tags as I can possible think of. I don’t even get many views for my items. Hoping there are some experienced Etsy sellers out there who can give me a few ideas to try.


My daughter is the experienced one, not me, but I know she reads the Etsy user forums and is in some Facebook groups that have given her a lot of pointers, and her shop does really well.


I didn’t even think about that! Thanks! I’m not looking to get rich off the stuff I sell, just a little extra “fun” money. Lol


I’ve sold one thing, out of the 15 things I’ve posted. I’m getting ready to make my own site once I have some time to work it

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What is your Etsy shop link? We may be able to provide better feedback if we see it.


BigBroCreations’s shop on Etsy BigBroCreations | Etsy

One big thing would be to have a few family members or friends favorite your store, and buy something and leave a good review.

Also, on your butterfly clock, you should have on the photo and in the title that it’s a digital download.

If you’re selling downloads, I think those Facebook groups are a good place to share your work, they are always asking for links to files they like.

I feel like your last name sign could be a big hit, but I think the title needs work. Something like Personalized Monogram Sign- and tags like wedding gift, housewarming present, first home, couples gifts, anniversary, custom, etc etc, those would be good to have.


Thank you! The last name sign is the one I cannot figure out. I changed the title a few times and added more tags. It has only gotten 2 views and it was one of the first items I put in my store. I even did a search for it myself as if I were a customer and simply could not find it. It appears that might be a saturated market as there were hundreds of other signs similar to mine.

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It could be. One thing that helped me (the first year I had etsy, I sold only 1 item, despite how much they were charging me for ads) was actually redoing everything.

I changed all my prices and made them more expensive, changed the names, and wrote descriptions that didn’t just describe the product-I made them more about what they could do with it “perfect gift for a mother or loved it-eye catching centerpiece” blah blah.

When I launched, one of my close friends decided to be my first customer. The item she bought, she took pictures and left a good review…and then that ended up being my best seller…literally, nothing else in my shop was selling, only that item.

Those good reviews I think are what helps boost your visibility,


Way back in the early days of Etsy, you could rely on the platform sending you a good amount of traffic. Now you need to drive all your own traffic. Either selling locally (off Etsy) or getting very consistent with social media. Start a TikTok and make lots of short videos about what you make and you make them. If you have digital files, Facebook groups is where you want to be, since many other GF makers want to know where the next best file can be bought!

There is no amount of optimizing sales titles and photos that will get you as much traffic and sales as what you can drive yourself.


As an Etsy seller with over 10,000 sales my advice is to share share share your links. On every platform and group that allows it. Offer a sale or free shipping. but make sure you adjust your prices to make a profit but still lower than everyone else. Everyone wants a deal, no one wants to pay more when they can pay less. Once you establish a larger base of customers and your products are going well then you adjust your prices. Make sure you have excellent photos in excellent lighting.

  • Your tags should be full search terms you want to bring up your item, e.g. “mother’s day sign” not single words like “wood”

  • You need professional-looking, high quality, staged photos of your product or it won’t get clicked in the sea of other listings customers are browsing

  • Turn on Etsy Ads with a couple dollars a day budget to get some initial exposure. If you’ve spent $20 or so without any sales, then there’s something wrong with your listing (product quality, pricing, photos) – otherwise, these initial sales will lead to higher organic rankings for your product in future searches, and eventually you’ll have enough favorites and sales from the ads that you can turn them off and keep getting sales

Beyond that it’s just a game of coming up with products that are in the right size niche: unique enough to you that you aren’t competing with thousands of other listings and are better than the alternatives in some way, but not so unique that nobody ever searches for that kind of thing. You have maybe one listing right now that meets that criteria IMO. Keep coming up with new products and you’ll find success eventually.


Unsolicited advice, watch your keywords for trademark violation. I’m in a bunch of etsy groups, anything that is Star Wars, Disney, Harry Potter, or any of the big brands will get your store shut down fast. They don’t give people a chance to apologize, it just all goes away.

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I also have an Etsy store, started back in June 2021. I really only started it to help support my hobby of “Glowforging”. I am retired and didn’t really want another full-time “job”.
I didn’t make my 1st sale until November 2021.
Since then, I have been getting some traffic and I notice my items showing up in the Etsy searches and some even on the 1st page. There is a lot of competition out there. I started focusing on the items in my store that were being “favorited” by others.
My traffic is slowing getting better and I get a lot of “favorited” items, and to date have sold 19 items. If I was depending on this to help support my wife and I, that would be an issue. But this is just a hobby, and any sales I make help pay for the material. Of course, I wouldn’t complain if I sold more!

Don’t give up! If you enjoy what you are doing, then keep at it!


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