Selling used compact filter from Raleigh NC $650 (no cartridge)

I got my GF compact filter last fall but was using the cartridge filled quickly causing me to move my GF to vent out the window. I have seen where GF sent some people a new Filter replacement but they didn’t offer that to me.

I was cutting/engraving full sheets of ornaments and it was too much for the filter. If you are a dabbler, do projects here and there, on you GF or can’t be near a window than it works great. I was cutting 1700 ornaments for a non-profit and that was way too much for a filter. This will not come with a filter so you will have to purchase that. I have simply had it sitting here and realized that maybe someone would want to buy it. I have no idea what shipping will cost so I am offering it at $650 and will include the shipping.

Please message me if interested

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