Senet - oldest game in the world


When @geek2nurse shared her design for an Egyptian game awhile back, I was reminded that my husband and I used to play this game called Senet all the time. I felt inspired to make our own game board and well… we’ve played it almost every evening since I finished it.

My husband liked the coloring on the bottom of the box so much he almost didn’t want me to use it there. I compromised by saying we could just park it on its side when we are not playing so as to enjoy the bottom of the game board.


Here is the free svg file:

  • Printed on :proofgrade: basswood ply.
  • colored with uni-posca pens
  • Check your settings first to make sure all is set to engrave and not cut where needed.
  • I’ve left all the artwork in that is available on openclipart. The rest you’ll have to find, beg or steal yourself.
  • You’ll need 5 of each of the round game pieces (just copy and paste). I printed them on thick cherry ply and added an other layer of the same so they stand up tall. You need 4 sticks, one side black and one side white. (sticks in photo are inaccurate, I redid since and painted them instead.
  • Yes, @evansd2, I just had to use the papyrus font here… :wink:

How to play the game - there are more than one set of rules around on the internet, so you can choose simple or more complex.


Beautiful job! (I’m trying to figure out what I can put on the bottom panel to get my hubs to play a game with me…nope. Coming up blank except for images I’d prefer not to stare at.) :wink:


Your artwork is amazing! Very nice job.

(BTW, don’t feel bad @Jules, I can’t get the hubsters to play games either).


Mine might go in for some kind of video game where he gets to shoot things, but he really prefers to do it IRL. (And I think guns are too loud, hate all the blood, don’t agree with killing things for sport, and don’t care for the taste of wild game, so I usually just let him do his thing.)

He wasn’t a hunter when I married him…maybe I drove him to it. :thinking:


Am so thinking of the punch line…
“was it wild?”
“…apparently not, but the farmer who owned it sure was!”
Perhaps a better choice of what to hunt?


Mine likes to win… :wink:
and I let him sometimes…


But if he likes them isn’t that what marriage is all about? Making your partner happy? :wink:


Up to a point. :laughing:


Excellent combo of color and form. Thanks for the files. Gonna resist the urge to weigh in on husbands and games and visuals and shooting and wild game.


Very nice work! Thank you so much for sharing your files.


Oooh, another game AND something I can color! This is going on my list. Thanks so much for sharing! :slight_smile:


Due to some extra meds I was on I kept waking up at 2:30am most of February. Many of those nights I just got up and colored a portion of those Senet panels. I’m now looking for another something to color. Although I no longer am wide awake at 2:30am - something to be said for that. :+1:


This one kept me busy for WEEKS. :slight_smile:


Awesome - yes that would have kept you busy! Wonderful job!