Senior Gift ideas

My current project is a Senior gift for the players of my sons school football team and I feel this isn’t enough. I could be wrong but I think it’s need just a little more, and not make it too much but what? I do have plans to add another color acrylic maybe blue or white but I’m waiting on the shipment. At this point I’m not really sure. Any ideas would be helpful. Thanks


Often times people will fill the engrave with paint to make it pop more, however this would be done before removing the masking to keep the paint where it needs to stay.



Oh that really looks good with the white. Nice job!


Oh, that’s nice! Reads really well. Your son & teammates are going to love this.

Welcome to the community, and keep on making! I hope you show us more of your work. This is a great place to get ideas and share.


Maybe a stand so it will display upright?
A triangle of wood with a slot in it that the football fits into?

Ooh, and as a person of a certain age and memory issues, maybe a list of all the other player’s names on the back?


Welcome to the community! We’re excited to have you here and to have you show us more of what you make! Your son and his team are going to love this design! And I agree with @deirdrebeth - a list of the team players, and even their position initials (QB, CTR, LB, etc) if you can fit it, would be great. They won’t have to dig out their yearbooks to remember who was on the team. :slight_smile: You could even make them smaller to hang from their car mirrors or as keychains, and still keep good detail.


I think a glass green or frosted acrylic backer (and stand maybe) would really polish it up and make it pop. It would look like a plaque or trophy with that. Maybe the stand could be one of those edgelit acrylic bases. Though i don’t know how that would look at night when only the clear is lit up, so maybe not.


I like that, but I just don’t know how to do that just yet! :woman_facepalming:t5:


Yep this sounds fantastic m, it just I don’t know how to do yet either :woman_facepalming:t5:


What about adding a small hole so they can easily stick them to the wall with a pin?


That looks awesome!


We’d be happy to help walk you through how to do either of those!

Which machine do you have? Do you have a Premium subscription? Do you already know how to work in Inkscape or another design program?


That was something I was thinking about doing

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I’d love that, I’m just worried that my machine isn’t a performance series , it’s an Aura. I do have premium but I was told I can’t do those performance printer only designs so I’m wondering if I’m stuck.

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Gotcha - well engraving the names on the back you can definitely do - the easiest way to guarantee it’ll be centered correctly is to design the same football shape and then flip it over and center the names where you want it - then cut the football shape out of cardboard, lay in the already cutout acrylic piece and engrave.

For a base it would need to be done in layers, so the :aura: should be able to handle that! Something like this, cut out of 1/8" wood and glued together would allow you to slot in the 1/8" piece of acrylic.
Football Stand_V1


I think I understand what you’re saying. At first I was a little lost with the cardboard part but if I’m understanding correctly that’s just a piece to make sure it’s correct, right? What about cutting a bigger piece of acrylic and layering it? Once I get the blue acrylic in I’ll try that, and maybe maybe the base white or red.


100% the cardboard is a jig so you know it’ll land correctly.

I think it would definitely look cool in acrylic. The design I attached is very simple so I’d cut it out in cardboard and make sure you like it before you dedicate actual material to it!


That makes sense actually. LOL
I’m still playing around with it and waiting for the acrylic to come in, but all your Ideas are amazing. I want to use them all and will probably find a way too.
Thank you everyone