Sequel to Evil Dead/Army of Darkness trilogy? Comic/storyboard artist needed


A few months ago, a buddy and I were discussing the collected works of H.P. Lovecraft while enjoying a pint of ale. Upon hearing our ideas, the bartender and a few patrons suggested that our ideas would make a great sequel to the Evil Dead/Army of Darkness trilogy. Three separate storylines have emerged that pay homage to Lovecraft and incorporate the Sam Raimi/Bruce Campbell feel. We now need a comic and/or storyboard artist to put these ideas into a visual form suitable for submission. I am thinking about putting the storyboard on a fake evil book for presentation purposes. Anyone interested as an artist or know either Sam or Bruce?


So much talent here. You came to the right place!


The potential for collaboration with these glowfolk is huge !


@jbv and @rpegg’s wife comes immediately to mind. Pretty sure someone showed off some comic work in the show and tell thread. And… someone’s daughter was doing some great commission character work - maybe @ian or @ianauch?


Who knows if anything will come of it, but the journey is half the fun!





If this is a real commission I can put you in touch with several comics artists and storyboard artists.


We are still figuring out best way do this, but I would definitely like the contacts so that I can see what they expect and get samples of their work. It would be ideal to layout part of a scene and see what they do with it.


Sounds like a cool project - I’m a big fan of the original trilogy, and of horror films more generally. I help run a weekend-long Lovecraftian survival horror game every few years, as well.

But there’s bad news: the canonical sequel to these films is already twenty episodes into its run on Starz. Ash vs Evil Dead


Bruce is doing a book tour too. A friend of mine just told me about it.

Can’t get tickets because while my girls and I are huge Bruce fans(Burn Notice)

they have have a school bus to catch at 6:15 the next morning, and the book signing could last hours they said.


PM Me with your details, rates of pay etc.