Sequence game board

My wife and her side of the family love card games and recently she discovered Sequence. Using my GF, I cut a deck of cards in half and and cut and engraved game pieces for her to setup her own board. I quickly decided to try and and create a file to just make one completely from the GF. This is just half of the board. I misaligned it on my last score and my masking let the paint bleed. I went to a local sign shop today and bought some 12" transfer tape and am scoring the file as I’m sharing this.


Our family loves the game!


I never would have imagined how many hours it would take to get everything even and equally spaced before I did this. Graphic design is not my superpower.


When someone asks you to cut the deck of cards and you take it to the laser… :smile:


Never heard of such a game. Never heard of most games people talk about on this forum. Will have to check it out. Nice work!


Great! Games are always fun!

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I see so many really great and beautiful games on here… and I post a card game :yawning_face:

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