Set building, aka another tiny chair

I ordered the Glowforge in order to be able to more easily create detailed sets for my photography, which some of you may remember from my post in that super long thread where we shared our creative work. I expected the process to be fairly simple given my long history of working in Photoshop, which was not exactly the case. While the machine itself is super easy to use, it’s taken a few months to gain the vector/ illustrator skills I needed to start bringing my ideas to life. I’ve started with fairly simple structures here, but I am SO happy with how good they look and how easy the process is now that I’ve somewhat figured out the software piece.
Here is the first simple scene I’ve made with only laser cut pieces. This one is just a test, rather than a part of my real projects, but I am completely thrilled with the possibilities for what I will be able to create with this machine!


Cool! :sunglasses:


Fantastic! Can’t wait to see more of your scenes. Looks like you are using that wonderful Canson watercolor artboard, which I really like. I think I learned about it from you!

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Thanks! It’s actually just painted chipboard, but it’s about the same thickness, which is just right for boards at 1:12 scale. I’ll have to check out that watercolor artboard, the more texture options, the better!


Wow what a great project and it looks so wonderful!!!

I’m so happy that you are going to find your creativity blossoming with the addition of the Glowforge!!!

Keep on keeping on :wink:


Love the chair!

That is really fun. Great effect! Can’t wait to see what’s to come.



Even with my CAD skills it took a while (months) to learn enough Adobe Illustrator so I could get just what I wanted. I’m glad I invested the time.

It looks like your time investment paid off too. Looks great!

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Been using Ai almost daily for 10 years and there’s still been a learning curve since getting my GF 3 weeks ago! This is amazing!