This is getting frustrating. The set focus is giving me issues and throwing this message:
" Error
An error occurred on your Glowforge. Please refresh your browser before printing. It may also help to turn your Glowforge off and then on again."

Yes I have cleaned the optics, yes I have check the connectors, yes I have restarted the browser and clear the cache, yes I have restarted the machine multiple times. I need to know what’s wrong. This problem comes back at least every 2-3 weeks then goes away for a while then comes back.

For what it’s worth, I was having this error quite a while back and like you, it was recurring. It turned out to be my wifi, but wasn’t easy to troubleshoot-other devices right next to it got good signal and good speeds. But since I knew I did have a lot of devices on our network and our router was a bit older, I decided to upgrade both our router and modem to something newer and meant for more devices. Haven’t had a problem since. One of the keys for me was remembering just how many devices use the wifi now-phones, tablets, laptops, but also game consoles, Nest thermostats, smart outlets, printer, etc. There are just so many devices it was kind of crazy how many once I actually counted and added them up.

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thanks but mine is dedicated for the computer and GF. And all the equipment is new

Usually only shoots one quick red laser beam and goes back to home. When this problem happens it shoots 2 longer beams one after the other and throws the error after it goes back to home

Gotcha, sorry it wasn’t more help, and good luck!

no worries, thank you tho!

I’m sorry that you’re running into trouble when you try printing with Set Focus. I see that you had another open thread for cut issues using acrylic/plastic as well:

To consolidate troubleshooting, I am going to close this thread and address this issue in my response for the cut issues. Thank you!