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Posting here since I have a ticket in but would like to try and fix while waiting. We got a new basic and I tried the camera alignment right away and 3 times the results were off. It’s dead center in the middle but the edges are way off. I noticed when i set focus the red dot is way right. We have a pro and the alignment is dead on and I see the set focus dot is a bit to the right as well but maybe 1/4 to 1/2 inch where on the basic its an inch or more right. Any ideas?

Set focus will use the results of that to accurately place the set focus location. If that is bad the results will be the same.
You might want to keep trying the calibration routine. Rather than keep messing up good materials if you have wide masking you can use that on the old calibration material. Just make sure that it goes all the way down to the front.


Also verify that the surface your Forge is on is sturdy and flat - my calibration was way off as well and it turned out I’d broken a wheel in the front so my table was sagging ever so slightly…

Will it make any difference though to keep calibrating?

Certainly keep an eye out for why and where it is failing but I have seen many cases that I did not get what I was looking for the first time. There are many places where slight issues cause big differences in results, maybe you learn why maybe not. I need to redo the calibration myself but do not have the wide white masking handy and falling back on trial scoring at 1 power and full speed to get windage on how far it might be off.

It completes the process and says it was successful so I’m not sure how I would know where it’s going wrong.

It has tests at the end for you to figure it out If you take photos of the tests and include them with the email conversations they may be able to solve it there.

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I sent them pics from the gift of good measure and they changed stuff on their end and it’s much better. Still not as accurate as our pro but definitely better

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Send them the photos of “after the tests of the calibration” at each extreme corner and they may tighten it up still more

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