Setting a Score Line OUTSIDE of GFUI - possible?

Hello all -
I’ve scoured most of the search results but haven’t found what I’m looking for…
Is it possible to set a line to score, and have it load in that way to GFUI? According to what I’ve found, changing it to score has to be done from within operations panel, no matter how you set it up in the file. I’ve heard once that setting your vector path with a BLACK stroke but no fill will produce score, but I can’t replicate that.
For reference, when I’m designing my files in Inkscape, I use red stroke no fill for cutting, magenta fill no stroke for engraving.
Tell me there’s a way! :wink:

If I am following you correctly… just pick one of the colors in the custom palette and you can set any line to that particular color as a scored line.

you cannot say in inkscape make a line a score. the GFUI works based on colors.

the order of operation gets split up based on color down the left panel in the GFUI

thanks for responding.
Yes, I’ve tried making vectors different colors within Inkscape, but they still automatically load in as cut lines in GFUI. Here’s example. The red is a stroke null fill, the black is a stroke null fill, and the magenta is no stroke magenta fill. I want red to cut, black to score, and magenta to engrave. But it loads in with both the red stroke and black stroke as cut operations Capture 2.PNG

that is probably the default. so far I have only cut about 3 score lines total.
so I am certainly not the person to rely on for scoring :slight_smile:
so just click on step you want scored and change it to score.

That’s about the best I can suggest.

Thanks for the input - I’m hoping to format the file so that the step of setting to score doesn’t have to be done. The “load-in-file-and-hit-print” kind of ready.

This isn’t supported, sorry.

The best we have to automating things like this is use of colors to set cut/engrave order.

For more info:

It’s worth mentioning that a score is just a low-powered cut. They’re the same thing. You can make this much easier on yourself by using colors and custom settings. Make a “cut” setting at some very low power like 400/15, name it something liker “default score” and it’ll be a score. This saves you a step; you’d only have to click the custom setting called “default score”.

If you get consistent with your color choices (with a custom palette, see above), you can immediately know which step to make a score without even looking.


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thanks for responding, that’s what I’m looking for, but not hoping for :wink:

I think you meant “In the hopper…” right? I don’t think you are the hopper… otherwise, open up! I have a few more things to insert…


Hah! Gotta love auto correct.

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